About the Artist:
Tyler Sandstrom
I've always enjoyed taking part in both visual and performing arts. Before discovering pottery, I spent
many hours at my drawing table. When I took a pottery course my senior year in high school, I put
the pencil down and picked up a lump of clay.

I pursued pottery after high school by apprenticing a Master Potter, Colin King.  I apprenticed with
him off and on for about 4 years.  During this time, I desired a studio of my own South of Fort
Dodge, Iowa.

The decision to begin building my studio was made on a cold night in November, 2002.  I then
spent three years transforming an old hog building into the studio and gallery of From Miry Clay

My once vision became a reality in 2006 when 'From Miry Clay Pottery' officially became a business.

In 2010, my wife Laura and I bought a former bank building and remodeled it into our gallery,
studio, and home.  My beautiful wife started being a fulltime stay at home mom when our daughter
was born.  She still helps me when she can, but now with our son, she is extra busy.  My wife
creates wonderful crocheted items that we sell also.
The idea for 'From Miry Clay Pottery' started when I was an apprentice in 2000.  
What then was a lofty dream has now turned into a growing business.

A scripture in Psalms gave me inspiration for the name
of my business.
"He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry
clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my
Psalms 40:2
Mire: n.  thick mud or a troublesome situation.

I look at the miry clay and the see potential for it to become something great,
something better than it is now.
Artist Statement:
Tyler Sandstrom
I strive to make aesthetically pleasing and functional vessels.  I think the
craftsmanship and shape of each piece should be the main focus of the
vessel, not just the glaze color.  I design my
stoneware  to be light in
weight but durable, and decorative yet functional.

I've always been so amazed by the start to finish process of stoneware.  I
find it fascinating that a clay vessel retains its shape even though the
vessel walls are so thin and pliable.   The firing process also intrigues me.  
Soft pliable clay transforms into stone, and the powdery glazes turns to
glass.  It's amazing what a little heat (2200F) can do to a substance.  

I also have a lot of interest in the
Alternative Raku and Barrel Fired pieces.  
Their color scheme seems timeless and inspiring, much like nature itself.  
The subtle hues of such vessels captures raw beauty without the aid of a
complex glaze.

Please browse through my website and enjoy.  I'm constantly updating
and adding new pictures of products.

Thank you for visiting.
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Dayton, IA, Webster County, United States
Artist Tyler Sandstrom Throwing pots
Artist Tyler with his daugther Aubrey throwing pots for the first time together
Aubrey and Daddy throwing pots together
Here are some fun family photos!
Wet Large Dinner Plates
Aubrey and Daddy throwing
Tyler Sandstrom's Hands
Greenware Soup Cups
Laura Sandstrom, Tyler's Wife, throwing pots
Closeup of AR38
Daughter, Wife, Tyler, and Son
The Sandstrom's Family Photo
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